Nvidia Tegra Note 7 is upgraded to Android 5.1 OS

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 is upgraded to Android 5.1 OS

Today, Nvidia started to provide the OTA update for its Nvidia Tegra Note 7 tablet pc. This unit was launched in 2012 by Nvidia. Its operation system will be upgraded from Android 4.0 to latest Android 5.1 OS. So it battery life can be extended. Nvidia Tegra Note 7 is one special tablet pc. It is used to display the high performance of Nvidia GPU. That is why Nvidia does not produce and sell this Tegra Note 7 itself, but passed it to EVGA and one another tablet pc supplier in China

Nvidia Tegra Note 7 is not so popular in market, and replaced by Nvidia Shield tablets. The last OS update it received was at end of 2013. In that update, its operation system was upgraded to Android 4.3. 

In fact, this update is only the new Android 5.1, the performance of DirectStylus is also improved. 

Till now, most of Nvidia Tegra Note 7 have already received the OTA update, but HP Slate 7 Extreme is one exception. Though, it is the same as Nvidia Tegra Note 7, but HP will provide the OTA update itself, not from Nvidia.

Now, this OTA update was already pushed out in USA, and if you are in other regions or countries, you may need to wait several days. 

What Type Of Male Physique Are Women Attracted To?

What Type Of Male Physique Are Women Attracted To?

It may come to a huge surprise to you, but most women don't love the meat-head look. They like a strong, fit, lean body for sure, but there is a point where a man can get too much muscle in a woman's eyes. When a guy has too much muscle, he goes from attractive to scary, or even gross, in a woman's mind.

Women are attracted to ideal proportions just as men are. Men generally like a woman that has a figure, and it is no different when it comes to what women are attracted to in men. Generally, they love wide shoulders and lean waists. They don't know it, but there is a ratio called the Adonis golden ratio that women are naturally attracted to. The golden ratio is 1.618 and it is a ratio seen in many of the worlds most attractive men. It is the ratio of the shoulders to the waist.

If a man's shoulders are too broad compared to his waist, he will look unnatural. If his shoulders are too close to his waist's measurements, he will look like a stick. If his waist is bigger than his shoulders, he'll look like a pear. The ideal male physique is lean, muscular with a clear v-taper shape, and a 1.618 ratio of shoulders to waist.

8 Things to Remember for On-Arrival Visa

8 Things to Remember for On-Arrival Visa

Spending holidays in Vietnam can be one of the most adventurous experiences. This country is rich in culture and history and also has abundance of natural beauty. Vietnam has become the top tourist place that welcomes millions of visitors to its shores every year. To get detailed info on on-arrival visa check this out Vietnam visa on arrival price.

Most of the visitors in Vietnam require an on-arrival visa to visit the country. The on-arrival or the other visas are generally exempted for the residents of the country which have signed a unilateral or bilateral visa exemption contract with Vietnam. When applying the visa on arrival there are few things that you should carry with yourself like:

1. Recent photographs of 2×2 inches in size

2. The photographs can either be black and white or colored.

3. The picture size from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head should be in between 1-13/8 inches.

4. Pictures should be taken in general street clothes, without any headgear or a hat that obscures the hair or hairline.

5. They must be full face, front view with a plain white or off-white background.

6. If wig, hearing aid, prescription glasses or similar articles are generally and regularly worn then they should be worn during the photography as well.

7. Uniforms should be avoided during the photography unless it is religious apparel which is worn day-to-day.

8. Non-prescription or dark glasses with tinted lenses are not adequate unless mandatory for medical reasons. A medical certificate may also be required at the airport.

Thumb Drive- A Detailed Assessment

Thumb Drive- A Detailed Assessment

Flash drives are portable storage agents used on electronic devices such as computers and laptops. A flash drive uses no power which is why it can be used on laptop batteries easily.


As mentioned above, a flash drive is small and portable device that can be carried along anywhere. It can be used as a storage device for mobile data, to make backups, to store documents and to transfer data between computers. It is a more portable, suitable and easy to use replacement of a floppy disk.


There are many types of thumb drives available on YoungGenerationShop. Such collections include drives made particularly for different uses, these are:


1. To save music

2. Secure the encryption of hardware and software

3. Backup drives encased in rubber cases to be prevented from external damage

4. Waterproof flash drives

5. Novelty flash drives that is simple with interesting designs.


1. Storage controller – this is the RAM and ROM part of a flash drive.

2. Standard Plug – this part of a flash drive serves as a crossing point with the laptop.

3. Oscillator – this particular part of the flash drive is responsible for controlling the data output.

4. Memory Chip – this is the last part of a flash drive and serves the most important function of serving data.

Know what you are purchasing and using on your electronic devices.

Satellite TV Can Change Your TV Experience

Satellite TV Can Change Your TV Experience

Have you been recommended to test satellite TV services but you simply can't let go of the old digital TV services you have been using for years? Why don't you direct your attention towards satellite TV in order to at least learn more about it and how it works? There are Direct TV had 6 TV packages and similar offers that you can choose from and you can find out more information on what satellite TV can offer.

You will learn that satellite TV programming is much more rewarding than the old, digital programming. You may check what the 190+ programming list contains. Can you imagine? You can enjoy almost 200 different channels if you choose to opt for satellite TV. This would be impossible for someone who uses a regular type of TV service. By trying to learn more about satellite TV and how it works you are also going to find out that you are going to receive some great mobile apps which offer you the possibility to enjoy your favorite TV shows on your smartphone while on the go. Don't you think that this is simply great? Also, the ''cinema'' feature offers you the possibility to watch the latest movie titles. Most of these movies are available in satellite TV even before they are released to other movie services, so it is clear that the advantage is present for you. Of course, the 3D option is also available with satellite TV services. Don't you think that what you are being offered through such TV services is truly special?

Don't you think that you can live a better, more thrilling TV experience with the help of satellite TV? I truly think that this is amazing, so you should definitely test this TV service. You are not going to be disappointed, as its features are simply fantastic and they can't be beaten by other types of TV services.

The Significance of AHDI in Medical Transcription

The Significance of AHDI in Medical Transcription

What is AHDI? Why does it hold such significance in medical transcription? Let’s find out.

AHDI is an acronym for the Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity. The association has been formed to uphold certain standards and practices in medical transcription and ensure that the healthcare documents are accurate and complete.

How does the medical transcriptionist get affected by AHDI? For starters, one is advised to go for a medical transcription course that conforms to COMPRO. COMPRO is the competency profile for medical transcription education. It has been laid down by AHDI and contains guidelines for training centers to ensure that medical transcription trainings meet certain standards.

AHDI provides a standard medical transcription style guide for transcriptionists to use. This style guide helps bring uniformity in the work delivered by different people. This is one of the must-haves for every medical transcriptionist.

The association also issues credentials to transcriptionists. The credentials are a way to establish people’s expertise in the field. Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) and Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) are two of the most commonly-sought credentials. Transcriptionists are expected to possess some experience and pass tests in order to get credentialed.

People undergoing medical transcription courses can opt for the mentoring provided by the association. The association’s website also lists available opportunities in the field.

The association gives words to the expectations the profession has of transcriptionists. And it also helps enhance and enrich the experience of medical transcriptionists.


How To Use An Overstock Coupon To Save Money On Your Purchases

How To Use An Overstock Coupon To Save Money On Your Purchases

Statistics show that many of the people that want to buy something from Overstock do not use coupon codes because of the fact that they do not actually know how to properly use them. If you are among these individuals, do not worry because we have you covered. It is really easy to use an Overstock coupon and all that you really have to do is follow these really simple steps.

For starters, you need to identify the coupon codes that you can actually use for the items you want to buy from Overstock. You can check out the affiliates that have special discounts available for their referrals and you can also visit the large coupon sites. After you get the coupon code, head over to the store and select the items that you want to buy. During the checkout process, enter the code in the specific part of the form. Enter your credit card details and make the payment. That is all that you have to do.

Keep in mind that the really important thing that you have to remember at the end of the day is that there are more coupon codes that are present on the internet than what you may believe. Do allow yourself the necessary time to find the best possible one. 

Who pays the Medical Negligence Compensation Amount?

Who pays the Medical Negligence Compensation Amount?

In the medical treatments, it is obvious a patient losses huge amount by paying various kinds of expenses asked by the hospital authority. These expenses are seen relevant to medicines, hospital facilities, medical tests, surgeries and special kind of treatment and many further like this. This somehow, makes a patient stand in the situation of financial crises. But the patient feels left with no other option rather than bearing all those expenses, because he/she thinks that the treatment is going to give help him/her in overcoming with the injury that he/she is been suffering from. This thought makes them bear that loss, but when the patient do not get any positive results then it no doubt, disappoints the patient adversely and thus he/she goes for filing a medical negligence case against the defaulter. Along with the complaint against the defaulter, the patient when feels suffered a huge economical loss then asks for medical negligence compensation from the defaulter. You can read more about Medical Negligence Compensation at http://www.medical-negligence-lawyers.co.uk/.

It is the medical negligence solicitor who calculates the approximate amount of the compensation that the patient suffered. During the procedure of calculating compensation amount, economical and non-economical aspects relevant to the incident of medical negligence are checked and on the bases of those analyzes calculations are done.  

The Golden Rules Of Lawn Care

The Golden Rules Of Lawn Care

To create and maintain lawn of high beauty with low maintenance cost you need to follow a few simple rules; these are the basis of good lawn care. They help to eliminate common lawn problems from ever occurring in the lawns. These are the foundations from where all the beautiful lawn begins. The lawn care st louis missouri is the experienced lawn care company located in St. Charles, Missouri which offer personalized service that many other lawn care providers do not deliver.

These rules are as follows-

1)Lawn Watering- The watering of the grass should be done in the morning and not in the night as lawns cannot take up water during the night due to photosynthesis which is provided by the sun that is required to promote lawn growth. Watering of lawn in the morning can help to reduce fungal disease.

2)Lawn Mowing– It must be done regularly as it helps in more green leaf growth which provides a green color from the new leaf material. It also helps in cutting of many seed heads from existing weeds.

3)Lawn Fertilizing- The lawn fertilizers helps to supplement the nutrients which our lawns take from the soils. It helps to provide a healthy balanced diet and allows them to look healthy throughout. One application of fertilizers is required for every two months.

4)Lawn Thatch- It helps to make a lawn feel spongy underfoot. Excessive thatch will increase the risk of lawn disease if it is not controlled.

5)Lawn Weeds- It is done by hand pulling or with the aid of a garden weeding tool.

The Benefits of Wellness Coaching

The Benefits of Wellness Coaching

There are millions of individuals who have heard lots of good and bad things about wellness coaching. The truth of the matter is that any type of coaching actually helps you stay focused on what is best for you and within you. The coach will take time to understand you and your position and thereafter help you to understand yourself. Anyone who has tried to set any type of aim for them selves is a lovely candidate for wellness coaching. I suggest folks that aftr reading this article, you must join a health and wellness coaching center

It is also lovely to know that coaching has nothing to do with advice or therapy and won't dwell on your past; this is all about helping you with all the lovely aspects of your future. A coach will help you set goals in all areas of your life; physical, emotional, mental and otherwise so that you work towards the vision you have set for your own life in matters of personal health, wellness or even business.

There is different formats through which this type of coaching can be done and it will all depend on your personal circumstances and goals. This can be done on a on basis, a group forum and these days there is even online forums. Depending on what your personal goals are, you get to draw a practical program along along with your coach and agree on how lots of times you meet in the work of a week where you set an agenda as well as action designs that are accountable. You also agree on the length of the sessions as well as the parameters that will be put in place so as to check for progress.